Elissa: How to wake up bf with a BJ?

Elissa: How to wake up bf with a BJ? 7

Elissa: How to wake up bf with a BJ? 8

How to wake up bf with a BJ?

My bf told me that he wants me to wake him up by giving him a BJ tonight when I come home from work and he is asleep. I’m not entirely sure how to go about doing this. He sleeps on his side a lot (facing away from me) and I’m not gonna like just roll him over onto his back lol. But even when he does sleep on his back it seems hard to get under the covers he’s wrapped in and take off/slide down his boxers without waking him up. But maybe him being a bit awake before is better?
I’m also kind of nervous that he will get mad or annoyed even though he TOLD me that he wants me to do it specifically tonight.
I feel like I’m not good at BJs to start with so I’m a bit nervous about this whole thing! But also excited. Does anyone have any tips?

PotOfGreed98: Tell him to sleep in the nude if he wants to wake up to a BJ. It’s a really good signal and makes access much easier.

Then you start kissing and touching until he’s hard and go to town.
enjoyoutdoors: First something important; he gave you consent. Awesome. You are perfectly allowed to start doing this.

The way consent works when he is sleeping is that what he tells you when he wakes up is super important; because that is his first chance to withdraw consent. So pay attention.

The tricky bit is that some people sort of wave their arms around when they wake up like that. And that is not really an expression of consent withdrawal. Until it isn’t, because a similar reaction can be an intentional expression of consent withdrawal too. Again, pay attention.

Then, the obstacles you talked about,
– boxers. Tell him straight out that you can’t if he is wearing any, and let him show you how much he wants it by sleeping nude. (Which, come to think of it, might be something he starts doing all the time once you have told him. Take the hint. He is definitely trying to tell you something.)
– sleeping on his side? Gently push him over so he sleeps on his back. Then go do whatever you need to do before going to bed. Showering and whatnot, so that he has time to fall asleep properly again. Or just lie next to him and wait him out for at least fifteen minutes so that he really falls asleep again.
– wrapped in a blanket? Same as the sleeping on the side thing. Sort it out for him and wait.
So. Uh. You got him accessible, on his back? Asleep? Ready to go?

Go *slow*.

Just enough that he feels it.

Let what you do be so gentle that he forms his dreams around what is happening, instead of forcing a sensation that doesn’t really fit with his dreams.
Gentle sliding of lips. And licking. Slow and gentle. Let it take a lot of time.

Make it a sport to keep him asleep up until he blows. Assume that he wakes up when he blows, because that fits so poorly with his dream. And it’s damn intense anyway.
Was that fun?

Did he sort of suggest that he liked it? Ask him straight out if you are from now on allowed to give him sexual attention whenever you feel like it even though he is asleep. (Because, you know, a generic green flag can be fun?)

If he says yes to that, remember that he might find it equally or even more awesome to wake up feeling your body enclosed around him. I have a few suggestions there, if you want them.
4inchwarrior: Tell him be prepared for the bj. Ask him to sleep upright and make sure to wear loose fit clothing for easy access.

vk2us: Agree with the others here. Tell him to sleep naked, I’d advise that even if sex wasn’t involved. Also limit the amount of bedding. We use a single quilt, thick for warmth and will stop him getting tangled in it and make getting down there easier.
Start gently with your hand to get him hard, this may even cause him to roll onto his back. Same thing when you switch from hand to lips. Start slow.
The other thing you need to do is make sure he returns the favour. You get to wake up one morning with a coffee on the bedside table and his tongue between your thighs.
jtjj88: my wife farts in my face in the morning, gets me going

anlasul: Yay that he told you it was something he wanted! I wanted to do one for my bf and we talked about it, but when I actually had the opportunity to do it, I felt weird about it, like I didn’t actually have consent (maybe he’ll forget, maybe it’ll make him feel like I took advantage while he was sleeping, idk). So instead I started touching him with my hand THROUGH his pants (usually sleeps naked, but he’d gotten up and back in bed without taking pants back off), then under the band, light touching on skin, kissing by the waistband, moving pants…he started slowly waking up but was still very groggy. I started putting him in my mouth towards the end, so it was a long build up. He said he really liked that approach!

ourbluntopinion: Tell him to sleep naked if he wants to get a bj. He will wale up anyway so don’t worry waking him up just start doing it quickly

lipuniam: You don’t need to wake him if your mouth around his cock. You can wake him touching his cock with your hand over the pijamas and then taking it of and putting your mouth. The first seconds of waking up are barely rememberable, so he probably won’t notice you didn’t start with your mouth

CloddishNeedlefish: Just because he asked you to wake up with one doesn’t mean he can’t wake up until his dick is in your mouth. A lot of times my partner will wake up when I first start touching him, but I’m pretty sure he considers it waking up to getting his dick sucked, even if the thing that actually woke him up was something like me cuddling up behind him to grab his dick.

Orangecabbage: > I’m not gonna like just roll him over onto his back lol
As a guy who sleeps on his side, that’s literally what he wants you to do.
> take off/slide down his boxers without waking him up
You don’t need to take them off. Just pull his dick out of the flap in the front.

Lakersrock111: I could see it being rape if he suddenly said “ stop stop stop!” and she continued. But it doesn’t sound like it.

wvtocbus: oh breakfast sausage is my absolute favorite thing! I dont sleep in the nude and always have morning wood. my wife occasionally wakes me up with blowjobs and no matter what the day brings im like fuckit ive had a blowjob and most likely breakfast sex… unless she sticks her finger in my ass then it is instant ejaculation. just put it in your mouth and make his day

shortstacks2016: Wife use to do this sometimes, when the kids wasn’t at home. I would always sleep nude, she would come home late from school. Sneak in and it would start one of two ways, if i was accessible then it was straight mouth going to town… If she couldn’t get to me easily, then she would slowly rub around with her hands until able to ease me into a better position. Yes, it would cause me to wake a little and be aware more but either way. When a warm mouth hits your dick, your almost always instantly awake…
But trust me, either way…. your not gonna care… the idea and feeling is awesome.
Miss those days….

grzlbahr59: I’ve been lucky enough to get this treatment a few times and it is a fantastic feeling. If he is a reasonably heavy sleeper, you can probably roll him over without waking him.
He should sleep nude to make it easier for you. I know personally,well, she told me, when her warm wet mouth closed around my dick, I rolled over to let it happen without waking. The body reacts to stimulus automatically.
I was fully hard and she was enthusiastically working my member over before I even gained enough consciousness to know what was happening. I thought it was a dream until I was about to cum, and the realization that it was REAL put me over the top.
Enjoy, I know he will!

enjoyoutdoors: I should probably add that *I really want to hear a success story*.
Good luck.

TheManWhoWasNotShort: It doesn’t really matter if you wake him up in the process of starting the BJ: if he wakes up to you pulling down his pants to put his cock in your mouth he’s still going to go wild for it. Most of us are groggy as we wake up and the first thing his brain will register is you slipping your mouth around his cock.

Elissa: How to wake up bf with a BJ? 9


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