OnlyFans Leaks changes the celebrity leaks game

OnlyFans Leaks changes the celebrity leaks game 7

OnlyFans Leaks changes the celebrity leaks game 8Not too long ago, anytime a person wanted to see his favorite celebrities naked, he’d have to go online and spend hours trying to find a leak. They always came in two different forms. The first was when a celebrity made an actual sex tape or took a nude to send to someone specific. These photos and videos would get stolen by hackers and leaked online to the world at large. The other kind is what you get when a celebrity gets a candid shot of her taken at just the right moment. They’ve fueled fantasies for years, but OnlyFans and TheCamDude have changed all that.

Celebrities get paid to get naked

OnlyFans is a way for celebrities and internet famous people to sell their nude photos and videos to their biggest fans. It can come in the form of a subscription or a pay by video deal. They shoot the videos and you pay for the privilege of seeing them. The kinds of people who run pages on the site really run the gamut. There are Instagram stars, TikTok celebrities, influencers, YouTube personalities, and even porn stars. If they think they can make money off of their bodies then OnlyFans is usually their first stop.

Leaks make it all free

Leaks on porn sites are nothing new at all. It happens all the time and you find premium porn from pretty much any platform for free on file hosting sites. The best part is that it doesn’t always have to rely on hackers. People all over the world buy subscriptions to these sites. Then they download as much as they possibly can and post it for free online. It’s a thriving industry all on its own and it’s been happening ever since the advent of file sharing applications like Napster.

1.4 to 4 terabytes for nothing

The recent leak at OnlyFans has anywhere from 1.4 to 4 terabytes of porn from the site online for anyone to download for free. Most of it started out getting shared on Mega, but it’s quickly been spread among file hosting sites all over the internet. These are all photos and videos that were meant to be sold to OnlyFans members and anyone can look at them right now for free. Once again, this isn’t a data breach at all. The owners of the site have clearly stated that the leaks came from members that decided to share the porn online for free and that makes it all the better.

More to come

There’s no doubt that there’s going to be a whole lot more leaking before it stops. Just like the Fappening from a few years ago, this is a massive collection of porn that was never meant to be shared with anyone beside the target audience. There’s no hacking involved, so all it takes are members who are willing to share what they paid for. If there’s an OnlyFans account that you’ve ever wanted to check out, but not pay for, now is your chance!

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