Why Should You Buy Sex Dolls? 

Why Should You Buy Sex Dolls?  7

Why Should You Buy Sex Dolls? 

To be perfectly honest, after conducting enough research, we believe that the question should be not “Why Should You Buy Sex Dolls?”, but “Why Shouldn’t You Buy Sex Dolls?” … Let us explain in greater detail, as we always do. You might want to fix yourself some tea because this is going to be a long read.

It’s important to note that, in this write-up, we are going to be focusing on the Kanadoll dolls since they offer the best value for money right now. Of course, that’s only our personal opinion, so you need to take that with a grain of salt. We always encourage you to do your own research to see what fits the best.


Why Should You Buy Sex Dolls?  8

Brief History of Sex Dolls

You’d be surprised to learn that the 1st mention of sex dolls in written history comes from 8 AD. Yeah, as you know, the very same year the notable Roman general Tiberius crushed Dalmatians on the river Bosna. Glad to know that you’re such a history buff.

Anyways, there’s this poet Ovid that mentions a sculptor named Pygmalion. The guy managed to carve out a woman of unmatched hotness from ivory. She was named Galatea and she became the first statue/fuck doll hybrid. Since then, there were countless mentions of sex doll-adjacent things throughout history. There were the elusive Dutch wives, the Alma Mahler doll, the surreal Hans Bellmer mannequins, you name it. 

In 1996, a fella named Matt McMullen became the modern-day Pygmalion by founding a company that will eventually debut RealDolls, a life-like full-body sex toys that you all know and kinda love. In 2007, there was a sudden burst of popularity of sex dolls, all thanks to a Ryan Gosling-fronted romantic dramedy called “Lars and the Real Girl”.  From that point forward, the level of mainstream acceptance just kind of grew steadily over the years and now, in 2021, purchasing a sex doll is not considered creepy or weird. We have our hands full as it is!

Five Biggest Reasons to Purchase Sex Dolls Right Now

1. Instant gratification with no guilt

Say what you will about your sexual drive, but you know that sometimes you just need to quench your thirst. You just want to do it this very second with no hesitation, no delay. Sometimes fucking an actual woman is not an option (hey, maybe you’re just too tired to take a shower and fuck your lady friend for real, perhaps she’s not around, perhaps you’re too tired to talk her into fucking you), so that’s when a Kanadoll would come in REAL handy. 

More often than not, masturbation leaves you feeling hollow and depressed, but fucking a sex doll is a cathartic experience. The one that millions of people all throughout the globe recommend on a daily basis, mind you.

 2. Totally safe and stress-free compared to other sex toys

You can straight-up catch an STD through mutual masturbation. With your Kanadoll, there’s no such risk.

It’s 100% safe to do whatever to your beautiful little Kana. On top of that, they will never complain, they will never nag, they will never EVER get pregnant. Seems like a pretty sweet deal, doesn’t it? We realize that not every woman is prone to henpecking and not every sexual experience is a drag, BUT sometimes you just want no risks and no stress at all. 

3. It’s relatively cheap for such a high-quality sex toy

Sure, the price of some dolls might seem laughably inflated, but most of them are MORE than reasonably priced. It certainly beats taking real women out on a date, you know? 

It’s also way cheaper to hire a hooker. Once again, no risk of STIs either. You will get repeated pleasure sessions thanks to your newly purchased sex doll – anytime, anyplace (it’s going to be your home for the most part, though). With escorts and the like, it’s way trickier since there’s a great deal of wait and planning involved. You might even get cold feet while waiting for her to show up. That’s gonna be enough to ruin anybody’s experience, if we are being frank.

4. You can practice with the doll and improve your real-life sex skills

You can build up sexual stamina, you can try out a few things to broaden your sexual arsenal, so to speak. With a sex doll, you are free to experiment and perfect your skills because there’s no judgment involved whatsoever. No shame, either. 

Believe it or not, this is one of the biggest reasons why married men/men in a relationship decide to purchase a sex doll. Selflessly enough, they want to up their sexual game and bring their partners more orgasms in the future. Come to think it, it’s rather sweet!

5. Great variety of dolls available on the market

There are many different options available on the market and some dolls are customizable. You can make it perfect for yourself, you can make a few adjustments just because you’re bored. Doesn’t happen quite like that with real women, huh?

There are dolls labeled as BBW, Big Boobs, Small Tits, Young, MILF, Anime, Black, etc. You can also pick and choose your ultra-realistic silicone partner based on heigh, materials, and gender. 

What Does Sex with A Sex Doll Feel Like?

When examining countless reviews for Kanadoll sex dolls, we kept seeing the same word over and over again – “authentic.” There’s authenticity in the affectionate stuff like kisses (since every doll has soft lips and whatnot, you gotta feel free to French away), there’s authenticity in the more carnal pleasures – it feels just like the real deal. Squeezable breasts, moist pussy, perky nipples, you name it.

According to the info hosted on the official site, this unprecedented degree of authenticity can be explained away by the following: they use only the highest-quality thermoplastic rubbers and silicones; they never utilize recycled materials like other companies oftentimes do. 

Therefore, sex with a sex dolls does feel just like real sex. Buying a sex dolls is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s a great experience, a way to diversify your sexual life, try something new and improve your sexual skills, therefore, it should strongly considered for anyone who’s into sex and would like to broaden his horizons. 

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